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The Value of a Brand: Tiffany Jewelry

Founded in 1837, Tiffany & Co. – with its iconic blue box - is arguably the most renowned American heritage jewelry brands to date.  While the company, which started in Connecticut, has its roots in stationary and silver, it now creates and sells a large array of jewelry, watches, home goods, accessories and even fragrance. Tiffany & Co.’s diamond engagement ring, though,  is the brand’s most well-known and coveted offering. Charles Lewis Tiffany designed and began selling the iconic Tiffany setting, solitaire ring in 1886. Unlike other jewelers at the time that placed diamonds close to the band, Tiffany [...]

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How Can I Sell Bulk or Loose Diamonds?

Question:  How Can I Sell My Bulk or Loose Diamonds? Answer:  Bulk diamonds - also called loose diamonds - are diamonds that are unset. They began as rough diamonds from a mine and are now ready to be mounted on a ring, a pendant, or any piece of jewelry. A private consumer like you may have bulk diamonds that you inherited, purchased as a lot, or collected over the years for aesthetic or investment purposes. If you’re ready to sell your bulk diamonds, MJ Gabel can assist you with getting the best price possible for your gemstones in a [...]

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Trend to Watch: Pinky Ring Till I Get a Wedding Ring

Pinky rings have been around for centuries, but it wasn’t until uber-popular Canadian rapper Drake mentioned them in his 2018 song Nonstop that they became a fresh-again, jewelry trend. “Pinky ring till I get a wedding ring (woah, yeah)” is the one-little line that rejuvenated these small – but meaningful - rings worn on the little finger of either hand. Drake nailed the modern-day concept of the pinky ring: a piece of jewelry a man or woman chooses to wear until they get married. A pinky ring is often a gift to oneself. Interestingly enough, during the Victorian era, [...]

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Miley Cyrus’ Wedding Ring: Vintage and Magical

No, video footage of Miley Cyrus’ seemingly dancing wedding ring shown during the 16th Annual G'Day USA Gala on January 26, 2019, was not computer generated imagery (CGI). Cyrus’ ring from husband Liam Hemsworth is just that dazzling. "What kind of rock did you get her, man? Holy moly!" late night television host Jimmy Fallon asked Hemsworth on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in February 2019 after the ring was first spotted by admirers. Hemsworth, an actor, replied: "There's a few different rocks on there, not to brag, but there's a couple different ones. I thought it was CGI when [...]

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15 Fascinating Facts About Diamonds

At MJ Gabel, diamonds are our specialty. These beautiful gems are easily recognizable, passionately sought and unsurpassed in beauty. You probably know that diamonds are the hardest natural substance found on the Earth, but here are fifteen more fascinating facts about diamonds you may not know: Facts about Diamonds The Cullinan diamond (discovered in South Africa in 1905) is 3,106.75 carats in size, making it the largest rough gem-quality diamond in the world. An estimated 147 million carats of diamonds were produced from mines worldwide in 2018. Although diamonds originate from 25 countries, the top producers are: Australia, the [...]

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Diamond Appraisal 101 – Understanding the Basics

An appraisal is an opinion of value for a particular market on a particular date. It is usually in printed document format, describing all qualitative and quantitative attributes necessary to reach the value conclusion. The most likely reason clients request an appraisal of their ring is for insurance purposes should the diamond need to be replaced or repaired. However, there are other reasons for diamond appraisals too, including: estate tax valuations, value comparisons, liquidation or curiosity. No matter the reason behind the appraisal, it’s important to find a qualified appraiser. There are no laws that require jewelry appraisers to [...]

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Silicone Wedding Rings for Men: A Closer Look

Just a decade ago, when a couple chose wedding rings, virtually the only option for men was metal rings. Things have changed. In the past few years, silicone wedding rings for men have become a trendy new, niche choice (while they are also an option for women, this article will only address them for men). What exactly are silicone wedding rings and what is driving their popularity among certain groups? First, these rings are made of silicone - a hybrid between synthetic rubbers and synthetic plastic polymers. They are stretchy, soft and flexible, traits that men who work in certain [...]

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The Reveal of a Diamond Appraisal

Many diamonds today come with handy paperwork known as an appraisal. It is explained to many that the dollar amount on the appraisal is the “value” of your diamond. It is important to understand fully what a diamond appraisal is for, and what the value of the appraisal represents when it comes time to sell your diamond. An appraisal of a diamond is like any other appraisal done on a piece that carries value and may be covered under ones insurance. The appraised amount of a diamond is one that has been assigned to the piece in the event that [...]

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What Makes a Rolex Special?

From rap songs to the wrists of royalty, Rolex reigns supreme as the number one status symbol of the watch world and beyond. Beside their lofty price tags (starting price of about $6,000 new, directly through Rolex), what is it that makes this luxury brand so special, though? Rolex aficionados often point to the brand’s long history (it was founded by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in 1905), the tradition of functionality and versatility over fashion, attention to fine detail and extreme durability. They’re also extremely hot in resale and auction space right now, with a rare Rolex Cosmograph Daytona [...]

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Understanding the Differences in Diamond Shapes

There are ten shapes that diamonds are most commonly cut in. Each shape is uniquely different and has its own special attributes. The diamond shape is truly a personal preference; you cannot go wrong in your choice (as long as it makes you happy!). At MJ Gabel we buy and sell all shapes of diamonds and are happy to educate you on the differences; here’s a start: Round = Traditional.  Round-shaped diamonds are the most popular in the United States and considered a traditional, classic choice. The round brilliant cut has been around since the 1700s and has evolved over [...]

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