No two diamonds are identical – as are no two clients. Rather than being part of an automated system where a buyer simply looks up the market value and gives you a standard quote, we tailor your diamond quote to fit your diamond jewelry as well as your needs. Even if it is a loose diamond, we can still provide more than one option. No matter the choice, we work with you until the end without any obligation for you to sell.

At MJ Gabel you’re treated like a person and not a commodity.  No matter how you finally choose to sell your diamond we work with you until the end without any pressure or obligation for you to sell.

Ways To Sell Your Diamond
With MJ Gabel

Instead of selling to a buyer in the trade, why not sell directly to another consumer?  Rather than just give you a cash offer, MJ Gabel offers the unique opportunity for clients to use our Consignment Platform.

We evaluate your piece of jewelry for its highest potential as a finished piece. After discussing this value with you, we polish, clean and bring your jewelry back to new condition. It is then professionally photographed and put up onto our Platform. You just sit back, and wait for the offers to come in.

Many pieces of jewelry are extremely unique, are estate pieces, or are one-of-a-kind and therefore may carry a larger value to a collector. MJ Gabel has a “Little Black Book” of contacts and can reach directly to these collectors. If it is a piece that we feel would do best in this type of environment, we will happily work to find an appropriate buyer for the piece.

Brokering a piece of jewelry can often times be a faster way to maximize the amount you can realize out of your diamond jewelry. We present your diamond jewelry to our worldwide collector market. Within twenty-four to forty-eight hours we can have offers coming in to present to you. As with all of our other services, you are never under a requirement to accept any offer that is presented to you.

Our global diamond auctions are the largest marketplace in the world that reaches thousands of pre-approved buyers. This allows our client’s to have maximum exposure to buyers within a short amount of time.

Our diamond auctions are offered for any client who would like an alternative to receiving a cash offer for selling a diamond. Each diamond auction commands thousands of buyers from all over the world – Making it a very competitive market. At the end of the auction, your diamond specialist will review the highest bid and work with you to determine whether to accept or decline the offer. As with all of our services, you are NOT committed to accept the highest bid that is received. If a diamond is not sold, it will be returned to the client in the same condition it was received.

At the forefront of MJ Gabel is our ability to purchase diamonds from the public at a fair market price based on the diamond a client has. Our standing within the industry, ability to appropriately grade your diamond, and the value we see in the consumer allows us this advantage.

Many people are looking to receive cash for diamonds, and we can help. If you are thinking of selling diamond rings, bracelet, necklace or loose diamonds, we offer the most cash for diamond jewelry. Because of our A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau,) you can trust MJ Gabel as the best place to sell your diamond.

No matter which option is best for you, the sale of a piece of diamond jewelry is an intimate process, and we are honored to walk through the process with you rather than just have you be another nameless piece of jewelry coming through our hands.

So, when you’re ready, give us a call or submit a Contact Request. You can also learn more about Our Process Here.

I am extremely impressed with the service provided to me by Matt at MJ Gabel in helping me sell my wife’s engagement ring. I had tried several avenues to maximize the sales price, starting first by approaching the jeweler who sold me the ring. Although the jeweler sold me the ring for $55k he was only willing to give me $33k for it. Others were offering $31k. Matt was able to help me realize $47k within a reasonable time frame. I am very grateful I found MJ Gabel.

Eddie T., Texas

Sellers Tip

Don’t feel pressure to send your diamond or diamond jewelry anywhere – selling is a personal decision and you are the only one who can decide when the time is right.

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