In order for our diamond specialists to give you the most accurate information, sometimes it can be best to have a direct phone consultation. The purpose is to simply to ensure we are giving you the most accurate information we can provide you so that you can make an educated decision.

Consultations are always free, and the only thing you may lose is a few moments of your time, but what you could gain could be immeasurable.

Other companies may imitate our options and process, but they can never duplicate it. We were the first to offer our clients more than just a cash offer. And today we open the doors for clients to millions of potential in-trade and private buyers.

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While the competition may make large and often unrealistic promises, MJ Gabel has proven to deliver on our promises to our clients and for more than 39 percent of our customers, we were actually able to help them get more for their diamonds and other fine jewelry.  Let’s get started today!  Complete the estimate form below or call us at 585-598-1090.

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  • Always provide the same quality customer service from start to finish
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Sellers Tip

Whatever choice you make, you will always remain the owner of your diamond jewelry until you have formally signed off on a sale, and it is always insured in transit, by our Jewelers Mutual jewelers block policy while in our possession.

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