No matter what type of fine jewelry you have, MJ Gabel is happy to evaluate them all to ensure you receive the most for them. We work with all types of Diamond Jewelry, including engagement or other rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc. It is important to take any unwanted or unused jewelry to someone who understands that jewelry has a more to it than its “scrap” value.  Jewelry buying is a service we have provided since the start of our business.

MJ Gabel happily provides clients with more than one option for their unwanted jewelry. Many pieces of jewelry are so unique that they may have collector value to them. MJ Gabel works with many collectors all over the world looking for such pieces, and will happily help facilitate a transaction.

Estate pieces can be especially tricky, as they tend to be complex and in-depth. Again, as with any other pieces of jewelry, it is critical to have them evaluated by a professional in the jewelry trade who is accredited to Appraise jewelry for a fair market value. MJ Gabel has trained appraisers on staff to work through any size estate.

Let us help to make the process of selling jewelry an easy one by calling or stopping into our secure location today!

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Ensure that there are no additional costs to you if you choose not to sell your jewelry.

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