3 Things to Do With Your Engagement Ring After Divorce

When a marriage ends, certain things still endure, one being the engagement ring. An engagement ring begins its existence as a tangible symbol of love, hope and joy. Following divorce, those sentiments are still a part of the ring, but there can be less positive emotions too, such as sadness or anger.

It can be a difficult process sorting through these complex emotions and deciding what to do with your engagement ring after divorce. The most important factor is not rushing the decision. No matter how long your marriage lasted, choosing what to do with the physical remnant of your union should not be hurried. Take the time to carefully weigh your options, which include:

  1. Return The Ring:  Some women choose to return their engagement ring to their partner following a divorce. This is most commonly seen when the ring is an heirloom that originally belonged to a family member of one’s ex-spouse. Other women elect to return the rings for other more personal reasons or due to stipulations in their divorce or prenuptial agreements.
  2. Change The Ring: Turning your engagement ring into a new piece of jewelry to symbolize your new season in life is also an option. Some women decide to have their engagement ring’s band melted and use the diamond(s) in a new piece, like a pendant. Others may get the stone removed and keep it for safe keeping until their own child gets engaged, in which case the stone can be passed on and used in a new setting.
  3. Sell The Ring:    The most common option when it comes to deciding what to do with one’s engagement following divorce is to sell it. Selling your engagement ring can not only free your heart and mind, but cushion your bank account too. With that highly-personal decision to sell, though, comes a second one. Where can I go sell my engagement ring? MJ Gabel is an excellent choice because not only are we trustworthy and fair buyers, but we understand and value the story behind every engagement ring we sell. At MJ Gabel, your story is important to us. Through years of experience, we’ve found that the more we understand a person and what they are trying to sell, the better we can serve them. We look at our clients as long-term relationships, not one-time transactions.

To get started selling your engagement ring, please feel free to call us directly at (800) 804-1980 or email us at info@mjgabel.com You can also start the online quote process by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to sell your engagement ring in the most equitable, professional, and positive manner possible.

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