Estate Buying

There are a multitude of personal reasons why individuals sell diamond jewelry, and settling an estate is one of many. We understand the importance of the history, and personal connection behind estate jewelry, and will always take the time to work diligently with our clients to find an outcome that best suits their needs.

We are happy to work directly with private sellers as well as executors, probate attorneys, estate liquidators, non-profit organizations, and divorce attorneys. Additionally, our trained gemologists are more than willing to assist attorneys, executors, and administrators in evaluating any estate jewelry for division by value or division by sale.

Estate jewelry, or other heirloom jewelry pieces can be complex, and take a very trained eye to determine their true value. Often times this type of jewelry can have a greater value than modern day jewelry pieces. This is why it is critical to work with a jewelry professional who is experienced in estate, heirloom, and era jewelry, and will recognize its potential value, and who would never think of “scrapping” it.

This goes for older cut diamonds as well – Rather than re-cut older style stones, there are still collectors that will pay a higher premium for Old Miner’s cut, or Old European cut diamonds. MJ Gabel maintains strong connections with these type of collectors, and will always look for the best solution for selling them.

If there ever comes a time when you are asking yourself “how do I sell estate jewelry”, be confident in already knowing the answer – MJ Gabel.

I just completed my first sale to MJ Gabel Jewelry Buyers. I worked closely with **** ***** throughout the entire process. She kept in touch with me the entire time. Friendly, yet very professional. I had a wonderful experience dealing with **** ***** and her company. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to sell their fine jewelry.

– MaryLynn