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All diamonds and jewelry pieces have value and many individuals choose to protect that value with insurance coverage. Diamonds unfortunately are extremely small – this makes them vulnerable to being lost, stolen, or dislodged from their settings. In this event, insurance may cover the diamond’s replacement. In order for the insurance company to know the amount of which to delegate towards the replacement costs of the diamond, they need to have an appraisal on file. A jewelry appraisal is simply an evaluation of a piece of jewelry in order to allot a replacement value. This amount is a slightly inflated retail value, and should cover the replacement cost of a piece.

Only trained appraisers who have Gemological degrees should complete jewelry appraisals. This is because gemstones need to be properly identified and graded in order to accurately value them. It is important to ask questions about your appraiser’s qualifications to ensure that it is being written appropriately. This is a specialized service that MJ Gabel is proud to provide their clients.

If you have a diamond that may benefit from certification, MJ Gabel will not only help advise you of this but will also facilitate it for you.

There are many companies that certify diamonds, but the most recognized, consistent, and unbiased laboratory is that of the Gemological Institute of America, or GIA. MJ Gabel is proud of only using GIA to certify any diamond that our clients wish to have certified. Do not hesitate to ask your diamond professional if they think a certification may benefit your diamond.

Many individuals have pieces of diamond jewelry that have come to them with little or no paperwork. This makes it nearly impossible for a consumer to know their fine jewelry’s characteristics, and thus its value. It is important to know the basic characteristics of the diamonds in your jewelry in order to accurately value them. These defining characteristics including: cut, color, clarity and carat weight, are what determine the value of your diamond.

Diamond jewelry evaluations and diamond appraisals are not exactly the same thing. MJ Gabel believes that you should not have to pay for simply knowing the information about your fine diamond jewelry. We make it available to clients free of charge in the form of a Diamond Evaluation.

We pride ourselves in only having our Graduate Gemologists write appraisal paperwork in order to provide a complete and accurate evaluation and assessment of value. If you need a diamond evaluation or insurance appraisal, contact MJ Gabel today.

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