MJ Gabel Affiliates

We believe in the power of relationships and are proud to work with organizations that are unbiased

The primary focus of the Jewelers of America is to provide customer confidence in the jewelry industry. By being a member of the Jewelers of America, MJ Gabel has demonstrated that we exceed the Jewelers of America standards of practice for the highest social, environmental, and business practices. Clients can be confident that we work to the highest level of ethical, and best practices as set by the Jewelers of America.

The JVC was formed in 1917 to supply self-regulation and education to the jewelry industry. Members of the JVC are expected to operate under the highest standards and to conduct business ethically and with the utmost integrity. As a member of the JVC, MJ Gabel has made a pledge to do business to a higher standard and to comply with laws that pertain to the jewelry trade.

MJ Gabel is proud to be fully insured with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company. Jewelers Mutual is the leading insurance company for the jewelry trade and was founded in 1913. They are the only leading insurer that is exclusively dedicated to jewelry insurance. Not only do we carry our insurance through Jewelers Mutual, but we are also happy to offer their insurance to customers looking to insure their diamonds or fine jewelry.

Graduates of GIA, the Gemological Institute of America, have a unique opportunity to be part of the school’s Alumni Association. This membership allows for continuing education, first to know of new trends in the industry, as well as a direct connection to a large network of qualified Diamond specialists. MJ Gabel staff members are proud to be part of the Alumni Association.

When it comes time to ship diamonds or fine jewelry to MJ Gabel, rest assured it is covered with the proper insurance. We utilize Parcel Pro exclusively for our shipping needs, with coverage up to $100,000+ per shipment. They specialize in shipping solutions specifically for the jewelry, watch, and collectibles industries. In combination with FedEx, we ensure your shipment to us is hassle-free, timely, and 100% insured.

MJ Gabel is also a partner of Pricescope.com. Pricescope is a leading independent and unbiased community for information pertaining to the jewelry and diamond industry. Pricescope works with only a few select diamond experts and diamond buyers in the industry. The partnership allows Pricescope.com visitors to sell their diamonds to MJ Gabel directly with confidence.

The Webster Chamber of Commerce is an organization that helps to support local businesses, and support the economic development of the community. The organization verifies its members and helps to foster growth between businesses as well as the local government with the interest of the Webster, NY community in mind.