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The Broken Diamond Certification System

Today alone I have viewed and personally graded 6 diamonds. All 6 were certified, and by well known labs – GIA, EGL-USA, EGL-International, and IGI. When I came across the third diamond that had a questionable grade on the certification, I decided it was time to write a blog. The subject of diamond grading is one that has been chewed over by the diamond industry since people started to value diamonds. There needed to be a consistent and universal way to communicate the difference in color, clarity, and therefore value of diamonds. The GIA Grading Scale, which standardized diamond grading, [...]

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Diamond Certification Mis-Hap

For a quick refresher on the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) color and clarity grading scale, please click HERE! I want to share an experience that really struck me this week. It exemplifies the importance of consulting with a professional before making decisions based on Internet research that may or not apply to every situation. Let me be frank – do you believe EVERYTHING you read on the Internet? A client in Alaska contacted me in regards to a diamond she was trying to sell. She stated that it was a 2.65ct IF (Internally Flawless), I color diamond. The first [...]

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