Consign Your Diamond Jewelry

Instead of selling to a buyer in the trade, why not sell directly to another consumer? Rather than just give you a cash offer, MJ Gabel offers the unique opportunity for clients to use our Consignment Platform.

We evaluate your piece of jewelry for its highest potential as a finished piece. After discussing this value with you, we polish, clean and bring your jewelry back to new condition. It is then professionally photographed and put up onto our Platform. You just sit back, and wait for the offers to come in.

With Consignment:

◈ A price range you will walk away with is established at the beginning of the process, not upon a sale
◈ No commission fees
◈ No insurance fees
◈ No photography fees
◈ No marketing fees
◈ No “Fine Print” surprises
◈ You always maintain ownership of your jewelry until you finalize a sale

I am pleased to report that I had such a positive experience with MJ Gabel. ***** was extremely professional and informative throughout the whole process. There was never any pressure; she went at my pace until I felt comfortable putting my diamond in the hands of somebody 1,500 miles away. I am sure glad that I trusted my instincts because she was able to get significantly more for my old engagement ring than my local jewelry store offered me. I can’t say enough about how they took the stress and worry out of the equation.

– Stacey R.