Diamond Auctions

Our global diamond auctions are the largest marketplace in the world that reaches thousands of pre-approved buyers. This allows our client’s to have maximum exposure to buyers within a short amount of time.

Our diamond auctions are offered for any client who would like an alternative to receiving a cash offer for selling a diamond. Each diamond auction commands thousands of buyers from all over the world – Making it a very competitive market. At the end of the auction, your diamond specialist will review the highest bid and work with you to determine whether to accept or decline the offer. As with all of our services, you are NOT committed to accept the highest bid that is received. If a diamond is not sold, it will be returned to the client in the same condition it was received.

I spent months searching for places to sell my unused diamond ring. I was getting quotes of less than 10% of what the ring was actually worth. I even tried selling the ring myself online but with being a new seller, my rating was not high. **** at MJ Gabel changed everything. He sat me down, walked me through through the process, and made me feel comfortable about putting the ring in his hands and selling it through their networks. Within 24 hours I received a call saying there was a buyer and it was at the exact price I was looking for. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone and EVERYONE to use MJ Gabel to sell their diamonds and jewelry. They made a difficult and emotional process incredibly easy.

– Peter L.