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An appraisal of a diamond is different than a certified diamond. However, they are not mutually exclusive, and a diamond that has an appraisal can also be a certified diamond. The appraised value of a diamond is one that has been assigned to the diamond in the event that the stone needs to be replaced. In other words, it is a slightly inflated retail value and only reflects the retail value of your diamond, not the resale value. Appraisals usually contain a dollar value as well as the characteristics of your diamond.

A diamond certification is something else entirely and may also be called a grading report. This is a testament that the diamond has undergone a complete professional and unbiased examination. This is a report that is done by a gemologist that has evaluated, measured, and graded the diamond. A completed certification would include the diamond’s weight, color and clarity grade, as well as the other characteristics of the stone.

There are many companies that certify diamonds, but the most recognized, consistent, and unbiased laboratory is that of Gemological Institute of America, or GIA. Other companies are capable of certifying a diamond, however the grading standard tends to be lower than that of GIA.

Yes. In order for your diamond to be inventoried, tracked, and viewed at auction by leaders of the jewelry industry it will need to be loose. A jeweler can set a diamond to decrease the visible imperfections, or to make the diamond present better than it actually is. The only way to know what a diamond truly looks like, measures, and weighs is to remove it from its mounting. MJ Gabel is able to remove the stone for you in preparation to be sent to auction.

There are many factors that determine the value of your diamond. In order to accurately valuate a diamond, it is important to make sure a GIA trained specialist or GIA Gemologist evaluates your loose or mounted diamond. This is due to the experience and knowledge GIA graduates have; not only about diamond grading, but also how to appropriately value a diamond. While working with our GIA gemologists, you can be assured your piece will be evaluated for its highest value, and MJ Gabel will discuss all options available to you to maximize the amount you can yield out of your diamond piece.

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