MJ Gabel “gets it”

It has always been easy for me to speak about diamonds with clients, and take some of the emotion out of the conversation. Today however, it struck me for the first time what this little rock genuinely represents – it’s truly amazing how something so small can represent so much.

Being a Gemologist with a Social Work degree has its benefits. It allows me to be open and understanding of clients in regards to both their diamond pieces as well as their individual circumstances that have brought us together. One thing you learn when “becoming a social worker” is how to prevent yourself from becoming too emotionally involved. You learn quickly that every client has a story, every client has different circumstances, and every client is at a different stage in life and how critical it is to be supportive and professional at all times. In our business even though the story line is different, the commonality between clients remains the same – they are parting with an object that at one time represented a major milestone in their lives.

Until very recently, having never been married myself, I could only use those handy Social Work skills to connect with my clients about their pieces and what they must be going through. Some clients cannot wait to sell their diamonds because of the negative memories the piece holds – others cannot believe that a relationship full of so much love is over, and this is the last physical item that remains of that relationship. I have had clients call me within weeks of filing for divorce – others have had their rings years after a relationship has ended.

The underlying point is that because there are so many strong emotions tied to a diamond, not everyone is ready to sell them at the same stage in their journey.

I can honestly say that now having said my vows, walked the walk, and put on the ring, I have a new view of how difficult this process could be.

My guidance today is coming from not only a businesswoman, but also a married woman. When deciding how to sell your diamond piece, work with a company who “gets it”. At the end of the day it is not only about getting the most for your diamond piece, but also closing that chapter of your life. While the timing and circumstances for every client are different, we are here to help you stay focused, get the most for your piece, and walk with you every step of the way. So when you are ready, we will be here.

November 29th 2013

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