There are a lot of people who think the only reason to sell jewelry is because they need money, but we know that is not typically the case. The truth is that relationships end, people inherit jewelry that doesn’t fit their tastes, or it is simply time to find new homes for jewelry they used to wear.

Whatever your reason to sell is, we are here to help you make an intelligent decision when you’re ready.  If you’d prefer to speak with a diamond expert on the phone you can call us directly at (800) 804-1980.

How It Works – Our Simple Four Step Process

We use a proven, hassle-free approach to selling your jewelry that allows us to find just the right buyer for your jewelry.

  1. Friendly Consultation & Evaluation – We have always prided ourselves in the idea that knowledge is power, and it should be available to you for free.  This is why we start with getting to know you and your needs.
  2. Safety & Confidentiality – MJ Gabel provides no cost safe and insured shipping of your jewelry – We use our FedEx account to safely transport your jewelry pieces to our facility for safe and confidential evaluation.
  3. Finding What Works Best For You – Together we work to determine what is the best solution for your unique situation.   Sometimes quick cash is not always the best option, we are here to go over which option would best fit your time frame & desired price.
  4. Receive your funds – MJ Gabel sends funds directly to you via check or bank wire.

Our passion is jewelry, so why not leverage our experience to yield you the highest price for your diamond pieces.

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