Jewelry Services for Professionals

◈ Jewelry Store Owners ◈

We are uniquely poised to help jewelry store owners who are thinking of closing their stores, interested in moving old inventory, or looking into retirement.

While most liquidators want to buy all of your remaining inventory at well below your wholesale cost, or come in to have a liquidation sale, MJ Gabel has established a proven method of yielding our clients more than their wholesale cost to maximize their return on their initial investment.

Give us a call today at (585) 598-1090 to speak with one of our professional jewelry sales specialists.

◈ Attorneys & Fiduciaries ◈

If your client is looking to part with an estate, or assets gained in a divorce settlement, MJ Gabel offers a unique service to minimize the time spent on moving these items, while never compromising value.

Just as MJ Gabel works to yield our private clients higher returns on their jewelry, the same is true when working with professionals. We have an innovative process that does the work for you to provide maximum exposure, while allowing all final sale decisions left to you or your client.

◈ Auction Houses ◈

We offer support services to all auction houses looking to evaluate fine jewelry prior to an auction event, or who are looking to sell past or unsold lots. Our established position in the diamond & fine jewelry industry, combined with our expert knowledge of the secondary jewelry market, allow us to offer knowledgeable and profit-making guidance.