Silicone Wedding Rings for Men: A Closer Look

Just a decade ago, when a couple chose wedding rings, virtually the only option for men was metal rings. Things have changed. In the past few years, silicone wedding rings for men have become a trendy new, niche choice (while they are also an option for women, this article will only address them for men).

What exactly are silicone wedding rings and what is driving their popularity among certain groups? First, these rings are made of silicone – a hybrid between synthetic rubbers and synthetic plastic polymers. They are stretchy, soft and flexible, traits that men who work in certain professions appreciate especially first responders and military members.

In the past, some men in these very hands-on professions have chosen not to wear a wedding ring for safety reasons, but silicone rings alleviate some of their concerns. Silicone is resilient enough for everyday wear, but will also give way and break when placed under extreme pressure (before the finger is damaged).

Silicone wedding rings are also a popular choice with athletes and gym-goers because they don’t easily snag on things and don’t cause callouses like metals can when rubbed the wrong way.

Today’s silicone rings come in a wide range of colors and are highly customizable. Options include a blue line (police officer), red line (fire firefighter), camouflage and many solid and marbled colors. There are also men’s silicone rings with designs, such as arrowheads, fish, chevrons and stratas.

Silicone is not biodegradable (making such rings an environmental concern for some), but it is recyclable (though finding a recycling company willing to accept post-consumer silicone products is challenging).

The final important thing to know about silicone wedding rings is that they’re incredibly inexpensive – starting at less than ten dollars and rarely going above fifty dollars.

For some couples this price-tag is a boon; for others the fact that they are so cheap turns them off and makes them feel as those the ring is less special or valuable.

Silicone rings are not a ring you’d want to choose as an heirloom piece of jewelry (for monetary reasons). An option some couples who want the best of both worlds choose is a traditional, metal men’s band for while the husband is off-duty/not working out and a silicone band for when he is.

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