Diamond Upgrade

For as long as diamonds have been used in jewelry, they have been cleverly linked as the symbol of never-ending love. They are the quintessential representation of luxury, strength, desire, and beauty. Emotions have naturally become intertwined into the purchase of a diamond.

Sometimes a diamond that was purchased years ago needs a diamond upgrade. Perhaps the one you love would like to show you that after all these years, you’re still the one; or wants to define a particular memorable moment with a diamond that will always take you back to that time.

Whatever the case may be, MJ Gabel would be privileged to help you mark a new special moment in your life. We will explore all of the options available to you including maximizing the amount you can use from your old diamond to put towards a new one.

Let us help you continue to mark special moments in time without the stress and price tag of the jewelry store.

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