I Need to Sell My Diamond – HELP!

I want to sell my diamond ring or can you help me sell my diamond bracelet or even I want to sell my diamond engagement ring because we are no longer together; it’s something we hear on a regular basis.

Of course many people have an emotional attachment to their diamond jewelry. The diamond piece may have been in the family for years, or the loved one that gave you that beautiful piece has passed away and you need to sell it. And for some there are the bad memories associated as well, they simply want to get it out of their life. The bottom line is that personal emotion does not play a part in the actual diamond value. Anne Gabel wrote a wonderful article on that very subject, you can read that here.

The best way to sell diamond items

As we discuss on our Selling Your Diamond Page, there are a number of ways to handle this dilemma but the first thing is to know the real value of your diamond ring, necklace, bracelet or even a loose diamond. Without that you can never be sure you’re getting a fair deal.

There are some industry standards that trustworthy diamond buyers utilize in order to insure the appropriate value is placed on loose diamonds and diamond jewelry. The best diamond buyers have a long established track record, are highly trained, have their own laboratory and an excellent reputation.

The most vital thing is to receive a written certification from a GIA certified diamond specialists. There is a rigorous process that is recognized around the world which helps ensure that the diamond specialist actually understands diamonds. If you’re unsure about the difference between a Certification, Appraisal or Evaluation, we have provided that information throughout our site.

The next thing is to sell your diamond ONLY to an A+ rated BBB member. Selling to a BBB member is one thing, selling to an A+ member will go a long way in a guarantee of value.

If you follow the steps outlined above, Never again will you have to say HELP! I Need to sell my Diamond.

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