Trend to Watch: Pinky Ring Till I Get a Wedding Ring

Pinky rings have been around for centuries, but it wasn’t until uber-popular Canadian rapper Drake mentioned them in his 2018 song Nonstop that they became a fresh-again, jewelry trend.

“Pinky ring till I get a wedding ring (woah, yeah)” is the one-little line that rejuvenated these small – but meaningful – rings worn on the little finger of either hand.

Drake nailed the modern-day concept of the pinky ring: a piece of jewelry a man or woman chooses to wear until they get married. A pinky ring is often a gift to oneself.

Interestingly enough, during the Victorian era, pinky rings meant the opposite. Single men and women would wear the dainty rings to show they were uninterested in pursuing marriage.

In the 20th century, the pinky ring became more about fashion than making a statement about one’s relationship status. They became especially popular in Paris during the Jazz Age and that popularity extended to the United States. Franklin Roosevelt wore a signet ring on his left pinky and Winston Churchville on his right.

Pinky rings went a bit out of style after World War II (though they did remain popular with certain groups, like the Mafia) but have experienced a rebirth since Drake shined a light on them again.

If you search #pinkyring on Instagram you’ll find over 82.9 thousand photos of men and women – famous and not – showing off pinky rings of all types. Modern stars who wear pinky rings include P. Diddy, Prince Charles, Brad Pitt and, of course, Drake.

Today’s pinky rings celebrate self-love and come in a wide range of shapes with semi-precious or precious stones. From thin gold bands, to diamond eternity rings, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a pinky ring. It’s all about what you want, who you are and the way you want to present yourself to the world.

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