How Can I Sell Bulk or Loose Diamonds?

Question:  How Can I Sell My Bulk or Loose Diamonds?

Answer:  Bulk diamonds – also called loose diamonds – are diamonds that are unset. They began as rough diamonds from a mine and are now ready to be mounted on a ring, a pendant, or any piece of jewelry.

A private consumer like you may have bulk diamonds that you inherited, purchased as a lot, or collected over the years for aesthetic or investment purposes. If you’re ready to sell your bulk diamonds, MJ Gabel can assist you with getting the best price possible for your gemstones in a manner you feel most comfortable with.

Four Ways to Sell Your Bulk or Loose Diamonds:

  1. Auctions:  We can manage your bulk diamond sale via a global auction environment that will provide you with the best possible auction marketplace for your gems. Each diamond auction attracts thousands of potential buyers from all over the world – making it a very competitive market. At the end of the auction your MJ Gabel diamond specialist will review the highest bid and help you determine whether to accept or decline the offer. As with all of our services, you are not committed to accept the highest bid that is received. If your bulk diamond lot is not sold, it will be returned to you in the same condition it was received.
  2. Brokering:  If you select brokering to sell your bulk diamond lot, we will present your pieces to our selective network of professional jewelry colleagues and private collectors in our “Little Black Book” of exclusive contacts. Brokering bulk diamonds can oftentimes be a faster way to maximize the amount you can realize out of your stones. Often within twenty-four to forty-eight hours we can have offers coming in to present to you. As with all of our other services, you are never under an obligation to accept any offer that is presented to you.
  3. Consignment:  The route of consigning your bulk diamonds with MJ Gabel allows us to bring your gems to the attention of 15 million potential private buyers from around the world. If you select this option, we will evaluate your stones for their highest potential, clean and bring them back to new condition, and then professionally photograph and post them for sale on our platform. Your job is to relax and wait for the offers to come in. Other benefits of consigning with MJ Gabel: no commission, insurance, photography or marketing fees, and you always maintain ownership of your diamonds until you finalize a sale.
  4. Direct Purchase:  Directly selling your bulk diamonds to MJ Gabel is the fastest option. We offer the most competitive cash pricing direct to you for your loose diamonds. At the forefront of MJ Gabel is our ability to purchase diamonds from the public at a fair market price based on the unique diamonds a client has. Our standing within the industry, the ability to appropriately grade your diamonds, and the value we see in the consumer allow us this advantage. Because of our A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), you can trust MJ Gabel as the best place to sell your diamonds, and you are never under any obligation to take our offer for direct purchase.

Using our exclusive proprietary model and these four different options to sell bulk diamonds has provided us with a proven track record of delivering significantly more for our clients than any of our competitors. We will discuss all available options with you to make sure we find the best possible option for your unique situation.

To get started on selling your bulk diamonds, please feel free to call us directly at (800) 804-1980 or email us at You can also start the online quote process by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to sell your diamonds in the most equitable, professional, and comfortable manner possible.

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