How To Sell Vintage Diamond Rings and Jewelry

Selling your diamond engagement ring or diamond jewelry is a process that requires extensive knowledge and attention to detail. This process becomes more complicated when you have vintage diamond jewelry. There are several factors that can make these pieces more difficult for most companies and jewelers to appraise and sell.

First, vintage diamonds were often cut differently than stones today. While this can either positively or negatively affect their value, it is crucial that the assessor is knowledgeable about the historical cut in order to give you an accurate valuation. At times, this can make them significantly more valuable because of their current scarcity.

Secondly, and because of the previous point, vintage pieces are often sought after by collectors. This can be due to the fact that they come with a story because they recall memories, or simply because they are no longer readily available. The benefit to selling through MJ Gabel is that we have connections with collectors globally who see the intrinsic value of your vintage diamond jewelry.

Finally, vintage diamond jewelry often has emotions and memories tied to it that increase its personal value and make it harder to part with. You want to ensure that the person who ultimately ends up purchasing it appreciates that intangible value. MJ Gabel is here to see that your vintage diamond ring or jewelry ends up with someone who will appreciate it as much as you do.

Because of these factors, it is crucial to partner with someone who looks at your vintage diamond ring or diamond jewelry the same way you do. We, at MJ Gabel, understand that it is more than the sum of the diamonds and gold that make your vintage jewelry so special. At MJ Gabel, we want to partner with you to accomplish this goal. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that your jewelry is in the hands of someone who will care for and treasure it for years to come. You are also under no obligation to sell your diamond ring or jewelry, should you change your mind. We give you the peace of mind to explore your options without putting pressure on you to commit to selling. If you’re curious to learn more about our process and how we can help you sell your vintage diamond ring or jewelry, give us a call today at 585-598-1090!

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