How Much Is Your Diamond Engagement Ring Worth?

Selling a diamond engagement ring is not easy, due to some extent to the emotional value attached to it and the feelings potentially still associated with it. Additionally, just figuring out a diamond’s grade or value can be a relatively complex endeavor in and of itself, but that is how MJ Gabel’s vast experience can be of tremendous value. The MJ Gabel Team has ample experience in the diamond industry and we are here to walk with you through this oftentimes complex and overwhelming process.

The team of world-class diamond experts at MJ Gabel have a vast network that we use to make sure we maximize the amount of money you can receive for your diamond. To further assist you we have simplified the entire process to make sure you get the most money for your diamond.

First of all, you need to know that in general diamonds have 20 principal aspects that govern their value. In the following list you will find the most important ones:

  • Certificate: Are the diamonds in your ring certified? Certificates can vary in their quality and this will affect your initial estimate.
  • The 4 “C”s: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight form the basis of establishing the quality of a diamond and its value.
  • Condition: Are there any chips or abrasions in the diamond? If so, the price will be affected.
  • Price at initial purchase: The amount of money you get vs the price you initially paid will largely depend on whether any special promotions or discounts were applied at time of initial purchase.
  • Market conditions: Are the diamonds in the ring sought after and still in fashion? Is there a considerable number of people who would like to purchase these diamonds? In other words, is there a high demand for them?

If your stone is GIA certified and has an “Excellent” cut grade, your stone is likely to receive a premium valuation. You can learn more about GIA cut grades here: MJ Gabel also buys non-certified rings, and we are one of the very few companies that will buy all diamonds of any color and clarity, regardless of their condition. In terms of carat weight, typically we work best with diamonds that are over 0.50ct for round diamonds and over 0.75ct for fancy shapes.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can always send us an email to or call us at 585-598-1090.

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