Selling Your Engagement Ring after Divorce or Break-Up

Selling your engagement ring after a divorce or break-up can be an overwhelming thought. Where should you sell it? How should you sell it? During this delicate process, MJ Gabel is here to provide clarity and to work alongside you to ensure you know all your options. We will work together with you to figure out your personal needs and create an individualized plan to give you the results you want.

First, we will have a conversation to ensure you truly wish to sell your engagement ring. There are a lot of emotions involved when a relationship ends and we want to make sure selling your engagement ring after a divorce or break-up is the best choice for you. Another option to consider is turning the ring into a new piece of jewelry.

If indeed you are ready to sell your engagement ring after your divorce or breakup, we have several options available. We will thoroughly discuss each option with you in detail to determine the choice that is right for your unique situation. These choices include: auctions, brokering, consignment and direct purchase.

Directly selling your ring to MJ Gabel is the fastest option. We offer the most competitive, cash pricing direct to you for your ring you are never under any obligation to take our offer for direct purchase.

Consigning your engagement ring with MJ Gabel allows us to bring your piece to the attention of 15 million potential private buyers from around the world. There is no commission, insurance, photography or marketing fees and you always maintain ownership of your diamond ring until you finalize a sale.

If you select brokering to sell your diamond ring, we will present your piece to our selective network of professional jewelry colleagues and private collectors in our “Little Black Book” of exclusive contacts. Brokering can oftentimes be a faster than consigning and, as with all of our other services, you are never under a requirement to accept any offer that is presented to you.

Lastly, the auction route allows us to manage your ring sale via a competitive, global auction environment that will provide you with the best possible auction marketplace for your unique piece of jewelry. You are not committed to accepting the highest bid that is received and if your diamond ring is not sold, it will be returned to you in the same condition it was received.

To get started selling your engagement ring after a divorce or breakup, please feel free to call us directly at (800) 804-1980 or email us at You can also start the online quote process by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you as a team to sell your engagement ring in the most equitable, professional, and positive manner possible.

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