The Value of a Brand: Tiffany Jewelry

Founded in 1837, Tiffany & Co. – with its iconic blue box – is arguably the most renowned American heritage jewelry brands to date.  While the company, which started in Connecticut, has its roots in stationary and silver, it now creates and sells a large array of jewelry, watches, home goods, accessories and even fragrance.

Tiffany & Co.’s diamond engagement ring, though,  is the brand’s most well-known and coveted offering. Charles Lewis Tiffany designed and began selling the iconic Tiffany setting, solitaire ring in 1886. Unlike other jewelers at the time that placed diamonds close to the band, Tiffany elevated the single stone on six-prongs. He also offered range of top-quality diamonds in different sizes to accommodate any number of budgets.

The Tiffany setting and personalized approach to engagement rings was an instant success and 133 years later, the rings remain steadily in demand. Over the years, Tiffany engagement rings have garnered even more allure due to their prominence in books, movies and pop culture. In 2018, for example, musician Nick Jonas closed down a Tiffany & Co. store to purchase a cushion-cut solitaire for his fiancé Priyanka Chopra.

Buying a piece of Tiffany jewelry isn’t just about purchasing an exquisite piece of jewelry; you are also purchasing a brand. From Breakfast at Tiffany’s to their famous Blue Book, this brand is rich in history and tradition. The brand’s craftsmanship and attention to detail has also withstood the test of time and Tiffany is synonymous with quality, class and timelessness.

At MJ Gabel we understand and respect the value and legacy of Tiffany & Co. pieces. Whether you have a solitaire engagement ring, iconic open heart pendant or any other piece of Tiffany & Co. jewelry you are looking to sell, we are pleased to assist you in the process. We have a long-standing history of buying and selling Tiffany & Co. jewelry of all ages.

To get started on selling your Tiffany & Co. jewelry, please feel free to call us at directly at (585) 598-1090 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to sell your Tiffany & Co. jewelry in the most equitable, professional and comfortable manner possible.

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