What is a Diamond Appraisal vs. What is a Diamond Certification

For many people, diamonds represent one of the most beloved and valued gems in the world. Purchasing or considering selling a diamond may seem like a daunting and overwhelming process.  There are two essential steps in helping you to determine the value of a diamond either for sale or purchase: diamond appraisal and diamond certification. While many individuals own diamonds, fewer understand the difference between having their diamond appraised and having their diamond certified.  MJ Gabel is here to help.

What is a Diamond Appraisal?

Having your diamond appraised involves determining its current monetary worth. The diamond appraisal process can be performed by the team at MJ Gabel without obligation. There are several factors that the diamond appraiser will be evaluating when determining the monetary worth of a diamond. The appraiser will examine the overall appearance of the diamond in addition to the quality of the diamond. The appraiser will also take into account the current market value when determining the value of a diamond.

After analyzing the diamond and establishing the diamond’s value, the appraiser will then draft a simple document outlining the monetary worth of the diamond. Diamond owners should bear in mind that a diamond’s monetary value can change over time as the diamond experiences normal wear or the market value fluctuates. When deciding which appraiser to trust with determining the value of your diamond, it is important to find a reputable appraiser like the team at MJ Gabel.

What is a Diamond Certification?

In contrast to diamond appraisals, diamond certifications involve a much more nuanced process and a more complicated document. The diamond certification process is used to determine the internal and external quality of the diamond. When issuing a certificate for a diamond, the specialized lab technician will be looking at four specific characteristics of the diamond, and these characteristics are known as the “4 C’s.” These 4 C’s include examining the diamond’s cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The jeweler performing the inspection of the diamond will also make note of any imperfections in the diamond.

The certification process is conducted with highly specialized instruments that are able to magnify the diamond in order to see the diamond’s physical nuances. When deciding which gemological laboratory is best to perform the diamond certification, it is important to find unbiased gemological professionals like MJ Gabel to perform the certification process to ensure that the diamond certificate is both accurate and reliable.

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