Bridal Bliss: Finding the Perfect Wedding Band with MJ Gabel

man putting wedding band on wife

Selecting a wedding band is one of the most joyous and meaningful moments in the journey to matrimony. This symbol of eternal love deserves careful consideration to ensure it complements your engagement ring and suits your personal style. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of finding the perfect wedding band with MJ […]

Unveil the Sparkle: The Art of Jewelry Cleaning and Maintenance

professionally cleaned jewelry and diamond

Jewelry is not just a fashion statement; it’s a form of self-expression and, often, a cherished heirloom. Over time, even the most exquisite jewelry can lose its luster due to daily wear and exposure to environmental factors. However, with proper care, maintenance, and jewelry cleaning you can keep your jewelry looking as dazzling as the […]

Your Personal Jewelry Concierge: Streamlining the Process of Buying Jewelry Privately

In the realm of fine jewelry, the allure of exquisite gemstones, precious metals, and intricate designs is undeniable. However, the process of acquiring fine jewelry can often be a complex and overwhelming journey. With a myriad of options, considerations, and questions to address, finding the perfect piece can be a daunting task. That’s where a […]

Hidden Treasures Unveiled: Exploring Unique Pieces Available Through Private Jewelers

In the world of fine jewelry, there exists an irresistible allure—a magnetic pull toward owning something that transcends the ordinary. These are not just pieces of jewelry; they are hidden treasures, each with a story to tell, a craftsmanship to admire, and a beauty that is unparalleled. Private jewelers, like MJ Gabel, specialize in providing […]

Selling Jewelry Online – Updated November 2023

When individuals begin the process of selling an unwanted diamond engagement ring, many are unsure where to turn. A few options typically come to mind, however: a jeweler, pawn shop or gold exchange, Craigslist or eBay, or an online diamond buying company. Here, we’ll look at the latter option. There are many online companies that […]

How to Sell Your Heirloom Jewelry – Updated

Letting go of heirloom jewelry can be such an overwhelming thought we often choose not to “go there.” When we fail to consider letting go of heirloom jewelry because of the emotions involved, these valuable heirlooms often languish, unworn and unappreciated in armoires in our bedrooms or bank safe deposit boxes. When that happens, nobody […]

How to Clean a Diamond Ring – Professional Jeweler Secrets

How to Clean a Diamond Ring from Jewelry Professionals Are you in search of immediate sparkle from your diamond engagement ring? We are pleased to offer these professional tips on how to clean a diamond ring on your own (in-between visits to your professional jeweler like MJ Gabel). Tried and true: soap and water The […]

Selling Your Engagement Ring after Divorce or Break-Up

Selling your engagement ring after a divorce or break-up can be an overwhelming thought. Where should you sell it? How should you sell it? During this delicate process, MJ Gabel is here to provide clarity and to work alongside you to ensure you know all your options. We will work together with you to figure […]

Trend to Watch: Pinky Ring Till I Get a Wedding Ring

Pinky rings have been around for centuries, but it wasn’t until uber-popular Canadian rapper Drake mentioned them in his 2018 song Nonstop that they became a fresh-again, jewelry trend. “Pinky ring till I get a wedding ring (woah, yeah)” is the one-little line that rejuvenated these small – but meaningful – rings worn on the […]

Silicone Wedding Rings for Men: A Closer Look

Just a decade ago, when a couple chose wedding rings, virtually the only option for men was metal rings. Things have changed. In the past few years, silicone wedding rings for men have become a trendy new, niche choice (while they are also an option for women, this article will only address them for men). […]